The Halt is an occasional series of poems, essays, and field recordings documenting and reflecting on walks in the eastern counties of England.  The words, sounds and images are by Brian Lewis, editor and curator of Sheffield-based poetry publisher Longbarrow Press.

East Wind, a hand-stitched, hand-stamped pamphlet comprising three lyrical essays and a haiku sequence, is now available from Gordian Projects.  Click on the links below to read Brian Lewis’s essays for the Longbarrow Press blog:

‘The Marketplace’ (December 2016)
‘Black Square’ (October 2016)
‘White Point’ (September 2016)
‘The Outbuilding’ (July 2016)
‘Field Systems’ (June 2016)
‘Self-build’ (February 2016)
‘Dead Ends’ (January 2016)
‘The House of Numbers’ (December 2015)
‘The Hide’ (September 2015)
‘One-sided walls: revisiting The Frome Primer (June 2015)
‘Haunts’ (December 2014)
‘The Dance of Death’ (September 2014)
‘The pace of The Footing (June 2014)
‘The Sandpit’ (March 2014)
‘The Cut’ (September 2013)
‘Motion Studies’ (July 2013)
‘Gifts Received’ (April 2013)
‘Dead Letters: W S Graham and elegy’ (February 2013)
‘Sea Change’ (January 2012)


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