Red Flag

Wind Rose 1Depletion, decline
or drift: we cannot retreat,
halt or hold the line.

East Wind is now available in a new edition from Gordian Projects. This second edition of 40 unnumbered copies is published as a single 36-page hand-stitched, hand-stamped pamphlet, and comes with an individual haiku, presented in an envelope as an artist’s multiple. The first edition, a set of three hand-stitched and stamped pamphlets in a numbered edition of 25, sold out within two weeks of release in late 2015. East Wind is a sequence of lyrical essays and haiku that narrate the author’s walk from Hull to Withernsea and Hornsea over the 10th and 11th May 2014. Update (September 2020): this edition is now sold out.

img_1053Click on the links below to read several recent essays by Brian Lewis for the Longbarrow Press blog:

‘Field Systems’ (on virtual maps, physical space, trespass and belonging)
‘Self-build’ (a brief social history of a working town and its self-build housing schemes)
‘Dead Ends’ (on the development of Hillsborough, Sheffield, and the road north to the former South Yorkshire Asylum)
‘The House of Numbers’ (on the growth, decline and restructuring of London’s docklands, and the poet Ken Smith)

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