Eight Winds

IMG_0878East of the old port:
our fortified terminals,
diminished resorts.

East Wind is a set of three hand-stitched and hand-stamped pamphlets containing a sequence of lyric essays and haiku that narrate a continuous 24 hour walk from Hull to Withernsea and Hornsea on 10-11 May 2014 (earlier versions of the essays appeared on this site between August 2014 and March 2015 under the titles Half-winds, The Compass Rose and The Wind Rose). Priced at just £10, the set is available now from Gordian Projects, and is limited to a numbered edition of 25. Each set comes with a extra enveloped haiku unique to that copy. More details here (update: please note that the limited edition set of 3 pamphlets has now sold out; a limited single-pamphlet edition will appear in January 2016).

IMG_0882A full-length collection of poems and lyric essays, provisionally titled Eastings, is due to appear from Gordian Projects in late 2016. The poems and prose in the book are informed by several years’ walking around the east coast of England, from the Thames estuary to the Humber estuary.

Two recent sequences of poems, Lych-gates and Wichel, shift the focus to south-west England.

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