I have forgotten how it was, the last time, the old mistakes in a heap at the station. I leave Hull Paragon, fumbling for a north to put behind me, thinking the bands of retail are a south to set before me, thick clouded fronts, Barracuda, Storm Queen, Wild West Show Bar. The fronts flatten out and the traffic flattens out and I am caught between a car dealership and a budget hotel, neither of which fit the outline of the marina, sinking from memory. The marina is a mile west, a mile south, along the carriageway, crossing the port. 10pm. I am just starting out and the bearings have gone.

Hull to Withernsea, 10-11 May 2014

This is the first section of the first account in the East Wind series (Hull to Hornsea via Withernsea). An extract from the second, The Compass Rose, appears here. The full text of the third and final account (The Wind Rose) appears on Caught by the RiverThe complete texts of the East Wind series, with additional haiku, are now available in a limited edition set of three hand-stitched, hand-stamped pamphlets from Gordian Projects. Click here for more details.

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1 Response to Half-winds

  1. mark goodwin . gone ground says:

    So full of surprising-but-just-so turns
    of phrase. Vivid

    windproof writing, Brian!

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